my husband has clippers

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my husband has clippers

Hi, we live in Australia and my husband has just been diagnosed with Clippers Syndrome. He contracted a viral flue encephalitis in November of 2012 which caused lesions in his brain (12) which over a six month period cleared up completely, so they discounted MS and came up with viral flu that went into his brain.
In May of this year he underwent another MRI and it has now returned but on the other side of his brain with the largest lesions measuring 19.5mm in the cerebellum this one grew 2.5mm in just one month, in my research they say the biggest one is usually around 6mm. He has blinding headaches, balance issues, some slight hand tremors, night terrors, fatigue and occasional slurred speech.

We have been to 2 neurologists one at hospital the other privately, both had the same opinion that despite the fact that his scans were horrendous and we were advised that he should be a vegetable laying on the ground, he looked ok so could go back to work. He is a heavy haulage truck driver with loads in excess of 100tons, so my question to the "experts" is how can you have this much damage in his brain and still do his job. No answer was their reply.

They also guaranteed us that he would not have any form of seizure or that none of the lesions would touch something it shouldn't but can only say that Clippers doesn't act that way. Does anyone know about this aspect of Clippers.

He was given high dose steroids in a drip for 3 days with mega side effects and we are now awaiting another MRI mid July to see the next course of action.
Has anyone else out there got any advice on what Clippers does and doesn't do or is my husband holding a hand grenade with the pin pulled out of it and being told "Don't drop it"

Any help would be appreciated
Thank You